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My name is Jun Guang, and I reside in Singapore. I understand that my name is a bit of a tongue twister so I wouldn’t mind if you address me by my initials – JG, which most of my colleagues and friends do!

When I was in my early twenties, I felt that life is miserable. I got no clue on where am I heading. I don’t see eye to eye in many areas with my love ones. I just don’t feel happy. Until one day I picked up a book called ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.’ It was then I started reading many other self-help books and it changed my life.

This prompted me to create a channel to share my personal development journey, especially on communication and positivity. I would greatly appreciate it if you can share your opinions as well so that all readers, including myself, can learn and grow. All views expressed are respected. Remember, I am not a guru; I am here to share what I know.

Also, if you enjoy reading my content, I will be grateful that you can subscribe to it!

Content written is solely based on my perspectives, opinions, and thoughts. It does not necessarily state or reflect those of my past or current employer.

I am always excited to meet new people, so go ahead to use the contact form below to connect with me! Or, reach out to me in LinkedIn.

Thank you, and I hope my content will benefit you. 

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