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7 steps to manifest what you want in life and ignore your current reality

I was having a terrible time a few years ago. My job was stagnant, and what worst was that there wasn’t any budget left for my headcount in the next one month. I sent almost 30 resumes a day, but only a handful got back to me. With little experience and a bad economic situation, it is undoubtedly to find jobs easily. And because I was so desperate for a job, I screwed up most interviews. In fact, all interviews. I was in despair. I lost all hope.

Like what I usually do when I am stuck in a bad situation, I seek help from mentors. Mentors for me are books, audiobooks or podcast. But at that time, I went to YouTube for inspiration instead. I was fortunate to chance upon this YouTuber that teaches the law of attraction. He is Master Sri Akarshana. One particular video that stood out is ‘How to Ignore Your Current Reality When Manifesting.’ In this video, he teaches how to manifest what you want in life, especially when you need to ignore your current reality. The reality here usually refers to something unpleasant. For me, it was knowing that I will be jobless in a month if I was still not able to secure something soon. I thought to myself; since I have nothing to lose, why not try what the video teaches.

There are seven steps to follow through. Although they are simple, it is not easy when you are dealing with a cluttered mind. So fundamentally, the first step is to stay calm. In times of chaos, gloom, desperation, your mind is usually in a panic mode. Your anxiety level is high. And when you are in this state, you produce low vibration of energy. It is essential to recognise this so that you can stop yourself from producing more low vibration. As there is a saying, bad luck seems to happen in streaks. That’s because of the low vibration that they are persistently in — thoughts equal to vibrations, and vibrations equal to attractions. You attract what you think. One approach to stay calm is to breathe. Inhale slow and deep, hold it a few seconds, then exhale slowly.

Next, it is to know that you have no choice. You don’t have an alternative, at that moment, to turn things around even if you complain, or bitch. I failed my interview, and it’s not like complaining about the hiring process could change anything. I don’t have a choice to react. Instead, I have a choice to respond. Hence, the only way is to reframe your mind to a positive one.

The third step is to stretch your hands out, move it, shake it to check in on life. You will be very much alive no matter what has happened and for that, be thankful – which brings us to the fourth step, #gratitude.

Focus on what you have, and be grateful for, instead of thinking about what you don’t have. Forbes lists down eight ways to have more gratitude every day, while Lifehack has a more detailed list of how to practice gratitude. The point is, start being appreciative and thankful for every little thing in life. I may have failed all my interviews, but I am grateful that I have a supportive family and friends. I am grateful for a laptop that I can use to edit and send my resumes. I am thankful for a smartphone to receive potential calls. It is almost not possible to be in the same negative state if you are thinking of what you are grateful for. Hopefully, by the end of this step, you have successfully shifted your negative state to a #positive one.

Once you are in this positive state, the next step is to refocus your energy, your mind, to things you want to manifest. Ask yourself, what do you really want. For me, I want to get that dream job. To reinforce this step, visualise how you are achieving it - visualise how I am getting the dream job.

Visualisation is the most critical element in the law of attraction. To speed up what you want to manifest, you have to act as if it is happening right now. You need to apply emotions to it. You need to see, hear, feel and act like you already have it. I told myself that in the next round of interview, I need to visualise myself already working for the company. And because of this #visualisation, I am able to feel and think like one of their employees. For example, I will be thinking of what kind of problems are there for me to solve, and how I can value add to the organisation. This allows me to answer interview questions better and with more confidence.

When you visualise, then you materialise. - Denis Waitley

Finally, in the last step, set it and forget it. Get on with your everyday life. Get on with the task at hand. Stop dwelling. Move on to the next step that helps you to get closer to your goal. Be focus and present at any moment. It is disappointing and frustrating to have failed all my interviews, but there is no point to dwell. So, I stopped thinking about the conversation I should have said during the interview and focused on how to get better for my next interview.

Although the video is just 10 minutes, it is beneficial. I apply it, and amazing things start to happen. I got a job I wanted; I got a relationship I yearned. Like in the other blog I wrote, ‘To have more, we must first become more,’ the basis of the law of attraction is almost similar. You may not be successful in applying it for the first time because our mind is not trained for it. Our mind usually focuses on what has already happened because it is easy to, while it is difficult to envision something unknown. So don’t give up. Keep trying. And in no time, you will manifest what you want in life despite the current reality that you are in.

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